Time scales in the cloud

This is still a draft of a very brief post to present and discuss time scales in the cloud.

The table below is a summary of the data needed to better understand the potential performance of distributed databases.

Let assume that 100 bytes of data is to be copied. I will assume that the network had a bandwidth of 10Gb, hence it should take approximately 100ns on the wire to send the data across.


scope communication time latency failure
VM shared memory 100 ns memory latency software
server virtual network 500 ns serialization hardware
rack physical network 1 us network hardware
data center physical network 3 us network data center
different building physical network 20 us – 100 m network data center
remote data center physical network 20 ms – 1000 km network nuclear war
different continent physical network 120 ms – 6000 km network global nuclear war

Discussion to follow

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